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Employee-Driven Quality shows why traditional suggestion systems don't work and helps you establish a system that will complement your existing continuous improvement.

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Why do I need this book?

For an organization's total quality improvement effort to succeed, it must be fueled by empowerment and driven by the creativity and commitment of every employee. But the question remains, "Can a company develop a suggestion system that will tap into the vast knowledge, strength, and ability that lies within its own ranks?"

In Employee-Driven Quality: Releasing the Creative Spirit of your Organization Through Suggestion Systems the authors provide the answer by presenting a whole new way of developing a suggestion system—an Employee-Driven Idea System (EDIS)-that will unlock the true potential of your organization.  With a successful EDIS in place, you can complement your continuous improvement efforts, support your existing employee involvement activities, and get everyone in the company focused on improving the bottom line.   

What Will This Book Help Me Do?

This how-to guide provides the knowledge you need to empower employees to transform their ideas into reality. You'll learn:

  • Why traditional suggestion systems don't work

  • The key elements of TQM (Total Quality Management) such as Creating the Environment, Continuous Improvement Toolbox, and Employee Empowerment

  • How to integrate an EDIS into your continuous improvement process

  • The nuts and bolts of setting up an EDIS

  • How to build recognition into your EDIS

Each person in the organization’s role in the suggestion system to ensure company-wide involvement

This step-by-step guide lays out the basics for establishing and implementing an effective Employee-Driven Idea System (EDIS) that will empower your employees and create an organizational culture that fosters continuous improvement.

Employee empowerment is the key to total quality and to bottom-line improvements.  

About The Authors

Robin McDermott is Director of Training at Resource Engineering, Inc., a consulting firm that has assisted hundreds of companies in the implementation of continuous improvement techniques.  She has more than 15 years of organizational development and human resource management experience.

Raymond J. Mikulak, President of Resource Engineering, has more than 30 years of experience as a general manager.  He has led multi-million dollar manufacturing businesses that serve the automotive and electronic industries.  He specializes in developing and implementing innovative manufacturing strategies to increase productivity and improve quality. 

Michael R. Beauregard, Director of Technology at Resource Engineering, has over 20 years of experience in engineering and plant management.  His experience is in the development and application of innovative techniques for quality technology in manufacturing organizations.  Mike was a member of the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000. 

All three authors are ASQ Certified Quality Engineers.  

Employee-Driven Quality:
Releasing the Creative Spirit of Your Organization Through Suggestion Systems


Chapter 1

The Role of Employee-Driven Idea Systems in Total Quality Management

In this first chapter we review the key elements of Total Quality Management-Creating the Environment, the Continuous Improvement Toolbox, and Employee Empowerment. We'll show where the EDIS fits in the overall total quality strategy.  

Chapter 2

What's Wrong With Traditional Suggestion Systems?

In this chapter you'll learn why traditional suggestion systems don't work in today's world of high employee involvement and teamwork.  

Chapter 3

What Makes an Employee-Driven Idea System Work?

Here we discuss how an EDIS differs from a traditional suggestion system and why it logically fits in a total quality environment.  

Chapter 4

Recognition or Rewards?

This chapter takes the mystery out of "motivating employees" by discussing the pros and cons of these two age-old and controversial topics of business.  

Chapter 5

Starting Up an Employee-Driven Idea System

This chapter presents a step-by-step process covering the nuts and bolts of an EDIS.  

Chapter 6

Roles and Responsibilities in an Employee-Driven Idea System

This chapter discusses the role each person and group in the organization plays in an EDIS to ensure company-wide involvement and to support the evolution of Employee Empowerment.  

Chapter 7

Using Continuous Improvement Tools to Generate Ideas

In this chapter we demonstrate how to integrate the continuous improvement process and tools into the EDIS to reinforce existing training and improve the quality of ideas and their implementation.  

Chapter 8

Success Stories: Stealing Shamelessly

Here you'll learn about eight companies that have an EDIS in place. We'll review how they got started, where they're at today, and their plans for the future.  

Chapter 9

Epilogue: What's Next?

This last chapter answers questions such as, Will we always need an EDIS? Or will it eventually evolve into an informal system? Where can EDIS lead to?  










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