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Understanding Variation


Intended Audience 

Quality professionals, supervisors, and managers.


Time To Complete

2 hours (0.2 CEUs)

What Is Variation?

Variation is at the root of all quality problems.  After all, if there was no variation, we would simply need to target our process on the ideal standard and everything we produce would come out exactly the same.  But, that ideal world doesn't exist.  In reality every process has many variables such as time, temperature, tool wear and technique that affect the output of the process.  So, a key goal in quality improvement is to reduce variation and the first step in doing that is to understand that variation in our processes.   

Understanding Variation Online Training

This courses is a primer in the statistics used for SPC (Statistical Process Control); topics covered include building and using a histogram to understand variation, patterns of variation, measures of variation (mean, range, standard deviation), the normal curve and process stability.  Both graphical and mathematical techniques of measuring variation are covered.  This course is a targeted training course and provides focused training on concepts of variation that serve as the foundation of control charts.  For comprehensive training on how to use control charts and their underlying principles, we recommend our Basic SPC training.

This Training Enables Learners To...

  • Explain what variation in a work process is and why it is bad.
  • Describe key techniques for measuring variation - visual display and mathematical.
  • Identify key patterns of variation and explain what causes them.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Basic math skills.

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