Advanced SPC

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Course Objectives

Unit 1:  Advanced Control Charting

  • Set up an x-bar and R control chart.
  • Interpret the control chart to determine if a process is stable.
  • Set up an attribute (p, np, c, or u) control chart.
  • Understand how to use the most common tests of instability.
  • Set up an Individuals and Moving Range control chart.
  • Explore options to the conventional x-bar and R control chart.
  • Select the most appropriate alternative format for a variable control chart.

Unit 2:  Advanced Process Capability

  • Prepare for and conduct a process capability study.
  • Use the results of a process capability study to improve the capability of the process.
  • Learn what to do if the process capability cannot be improved enough to meet the customer's requirements.
  • Know the differences between Ppk & Cpk.
  • Know how to handle process capability study complications and challenges.
  • Explain what Six Sigma Quality means.
  • Be able to use Z-values.