Advanced Process Capability



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Advanced Process Capability


Intended Audience 

Quality professionals, engineers and supervisors responsible for implementing SPC.

Time To Complete

3 hours (0.3 CEUs)

What is a Process Capability Study?

A Process Capability Study is a tool used to determine if a stable process is capable of meeting a customer's specification.  Process capability is based on statistical techniques that are used to predict the complete output of a process based on a relatively small sample.  There are different ways to measure process capability including the capability ratio, capability index and the Cpk.  The Cpk is the most commonly used measure of process capability because it not only determines if the process is capable is meeting the spec, but it also predicts how well the process is centered on the nominal of the specification.

Advanced Process Capability Online Training

This course covers how to conduct a process capability study, take action to improve capability and deal with complications in interpreting and analyzing capability measures.

This Training Enables Learners To...

  • Describe the steps to conduct a process capability study.
  • Explain how a process capability study can be used to improve a process.
  • Identify ways to improve the capability of a process.
  • List potential complications to process capability studies.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • A good understanding of statistical measures of variation including standard deviation.
  • Ability to calculate capability ratio, capability index and Cpk.
  • Successful completion of Basic SPC or the equivalent.

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