The 5S's:  Workplace Organization

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Course Objectives

Unit 1:  the Five S's Step-by-Step

In this unit learners will be introduced to the five core components of the 5S's:

  • Sort: Sort out items not needed in the work area and disposition those items to be removed.
  • Set in Order: Select the best locations and ways to store items used in the work area using a structured rationale and knowledge of storage options.
  • Shine: Get the workplace clean; then maintain the appearance of the workplace and institute preventive measures to ensure it stays clean.
  • Standardize: Design systems in place to ensure everyone does things the same way, implement techniques to ingrain a "copy exactly" mind set, and leverage Best Practices.
  • Sustain: Learn how to prevent backsliding and build the 5S's into the culture of the organization.

Unit 2:  5S Implementation

In this unit, learners explore approaches to implement the 5S's in their organization (or work area); examples of successes for each 5S phase are included.

  • Organization-Wide Implementation: Work though an 8-point checklist to plan an organization-wide implementation of the 5S's.
  • Work Area Implementation: Use a 6-point checklist to plan your work area 5S effort if a site-wide 5S implementation is not supported.
  • Sort Successes: Explore examples of "Sort Successes" to trigger ideas for your 5S effort.
  • Set in Order Successes: Use lessons learned from "Set in Order Successes" to fuel your 5S effort.
  • Shine, Standardize, & Sustain Successes: Adopt the examples discussed to build success factors into your Shine, Standardize, and Sustain efforts.