Lean Process Layouts



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Lean Process Layouts


Intended Audience 

People responsible for or involved in process or manufacturing engineering.

Time To Complete

2.5 hours (0.2 CEUs)

What are Lean Manufacturing Process Layouts?

Manufacturing process layouts are an important focus in Lean organizations because they are often full of inefficiencies that lead to wasted time, effort and materials.  The first step in rethinking a manufacturing layout is collecting data about the existing process.  Information such as machine load, takt time, equipment reliability, set-up time, yields, and staffing requirements are necessary inputs for redesigning process layouts.

With data on the existing process, new layouts can be considered in order to minimize cycle time and travel distance and simulate a continuous flow process.  Each scenario will present unique challenges (process flow, physical constraints and support systems) that will need to be considered as the ideal process flow is developed.

Lean manufacturing Process Layout Online Training

This course explores sources and formats for collecting and analyzing data for lean efforts and shows how to use that data to design process flow patterns and physical layout options leading to lean practices.

This Training Enables Learners To...

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of process layouts.
  • Measure the effects of the improvements.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Understanding of terminology and philosophy of Lean Manufacturing such as Overview of Lean or equivalent.

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