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Lean Manufacturing for Job Shops


Who's It For?

Operators, engineers, quality professionals, managers and supervisors in job shop environments.

Time To Complete

7 hours (0.7 CEUs)

How can Lean Concepts Apply in Job Shops?

For years, Lean practices have helped manufacturing operations reduce waste and improve operational effectiveness. Unfortunately, some Lean tools and techniques do not translate well to Job Shop operations. Since Job Shops deal with an unpredictable and diverse product mix of short runs, some cornerstone Lean tools are not practical. Value Stream Mapping does not yield the same insight for a high-mix, low-volume operation as it does for a low-mix, high-volume process. Likewise, takt time, line balancing and even full adoption of flow cells are not as important in a Job Shop environment as they are in high-volume operations. Does this mean that Lean Manufacturing has no place in a Job Shop? Absolutely not! Many conventional Lean practices can be adapted for use in a Job Shop and can produce the same level of waste reduction and value-added gains as can be generated in high-volume, low-mix processes.

Lean for Job Shops Online Training

Lean for Job Shops online training is designed specifically to help Job Shops adapt, prioritize and apply Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques to a Job Shop environment. Participants will learn how to implement Lean Manufacturing practices to complement the realities of their unique job shop environment. The Lean for Job Shops online training has two units. Unit 1, Adapting Lean to Job Shops, starts by exploring the "Realities of Job Shops," the related consequences to the operation and outlines a three-phased approach to address the "realities." In Unit 2, Lean Job Shop Practices, five significant action plans for a Lean Job Shop environment are presented as a series of interdependent activities. These, coupled with trend analysis measures, will lead to success in making Job Shops lean and (more) productive.

This Training Enables Learners To...

  • Understand why traditional Lean techniques are often a challenge to apply in a Job Shop environment.
  • Define the major components of Lean and identify which are best suited for a Job Shop and how they can be adapted to work successfully.
  • Develop a plan for Lean implementation.
  • Track and measure the results of Lean manufacturing efforts.

Recommended Prerequisites

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