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Mapping Office Workflows


Intended Audience 

All employees in a non-manufacturing environment.

Time To Complete

2 hours (0.2 CEUs)

Why Map Office Workflows?

Workflows are patterns of tasks or steps in a process that are designed to lead to an output. The intent of mapping a workflow is to improve a process by uncovering "the good, the bad and the ugly" parts of the process. "Good" steps in a process are value-adding activities. Anything that does not add value is "bad." Process steps that lead to errors, mistakes and defects represent the "ugly." With the bad and ugly parts of a process uncovered, it is much easier to identify opportunities for improvement. In a manufacturing environment it is fairly easy to see the physical steps in the process; in an office/service environment steps in the process can be more difficult to see because they include non-tangible items such as information, services or transactions.

Mapping Office Workflows Online Training

Mapping Office Workflows helps office workers create visual representations of processes that they work in and provides them with tools that help unveil different aspects of their workflow and see the processes they work in from different angles. By using one or more of the mapping tools covered (Brown-Paper Flow, Workflow Diagrams, Flowcharting, Value-Stream Mapping), learners will be able to identify the causes of nagging problems and take action to remedy them.

This Training Enables Learners To...

  • Define the bounds of a workflow.
  • Use a variety of process (workflow) mapping techniques.
  • Identity hand-offs, disconnects, incomplete communication and rework loops as non-value-adding components (or waste.)
  • Plan improvements to workflows.
  • Consider a move from batch processing to continuous (or one-piece) flow.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • None.

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