Mapping Office Workflows

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Course outline

Lesson 1

Overview of Workflows
  • Overview on what a workflow map is and how they can help improve processes.
  • Discussion on the types of maps and the value of each in the mapping process.

Lesson 2

Brown Paper Workflows
  • Introduction to the Brown-Paper Flow as the place to start with mapping processes. 
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to construct a brown-paper flow and how to use it to identify problems with a work process.

Lesson 3

Workflow Diagrams
  • How to construct a workflow diagram to understand the physical flow of a process.
  • Using a workflow diagram to combine or eliminate steps, move sequential steps closer together, reduce the number of hand-offs and to convert to a continuous process.

Lesson 4

  • How to use flowcharts to document the details of a process including activities, decision points, wait periods, feedback loops and rework loops.
  • Four of the most common families of flowcharts are explored along with the pros and cons of each.

Lesson 5

Value Stream Mapping
  • How to use a value-stream map to evaluate workflows and identify waste in a process.
  • Developing both a current state and future state map.

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