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Internal Auditing


Intended Audience 

Quality professionals, engineers, managers and others responsible for conducting Internal Audits.

Time To Complete

4 hours (0.4 CEUs)

Why Is Internal Auditing Needed?

Internal Audits are an effective, an importantly, a non-threatening way to ensure the organization remains in compliance to applicable Standards are Regulations and is using documented Procedures, Work Instructions and Standard Operating Procedures as intended. When nonconformities are found, Corrective Actions Plans are developed and implemented to return the related process to conformity.

Another distinct advantage of Internal Audits that is not typically found with second or third party External Audits is the ability to identify “Opportunities for Improvement” that allows the organization to proactively trigger process enhancements.  Additionally, “Noteworthy Practices” than can be shared with other similar processes in the organization.

Internal Auditing Online Training

Internal Audits should be well-planned, highly coordinated events that minimize disruption to the operation while at the same time yielding valuable insights that confirm processes are being run following documented procedures and bring to light opportunities for improvement.  This training will provide a foundation for conducting internal audits and will assure that all those involved in the audit, those doing the audit and those who's processes are being audited, have a common understanding of the audit steps, general objectives and benefits of effective internal audits.

This Training Enables Learners To...

  • Understand the purpose, objectives and benefits of Internal Audits.
  • Describe in detail the six steps for conducting Internal Audits.
  • Serve as a working member of an Internal Audit team.
  • Describe how Internal Audits can be used to improve existing operations.
  • Use the Ten Tips for more effective and efficient Internal Audits.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • None.

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