PPAP Training

Show Course Objectives

Course outline

Lesson 1

PPAP Overview

  • Explains what the PPAP Process is.

  • Explores why a PPAP should be used.

  • Discusses when PPAP is needed.

  • Introduces how the PPAP Process is conducted.

Lesson 2

Documentation Requirements

  • Explores each of the 18 Elements of the PPAP Documentation Package.

  • Explains "Reasons for PPAP Submission."

  • Describes PPAP "Submission Levels."

Lesson 3

Reviewing the PPAP Process

  • Clarifies PPAP requirements.

  • Reinforces how the PPAP Process fosters customer-supplier trust.

  • Confirms that PPAP documentation is based on data.

  • Reviews documentation requirements for Bulk Materials.

  • Discusses customer-supplier negotiations.

  • Recaps requirements for part submission, retaining documentation, Master Samples and shipment samples.

Course Test


An assessment of the learnerís progress in this course.