Root Cause Analysis with Corrective Action

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Course outline


Root Cause Analysis Overview
  • Overview of Root Cause Analysis
  • Preview of Lessons 1 through 4

Lesson 1

Form and Focus the Team
  • Form a Team
  • Focus the Team
  • Understand the Problem

Lesson 2

Find the Root Cause
  • Create a cause & effect diagram
  • Explore chains of causes
  • Study interrelationships
  • Use data analysis & investigative tools
  • Identify root causes

Lesson 3

Fix the Root Cause
  • Propose potential solutions
  • Select the "best" solution
  • Conduct a reality test
  • Develop Action Plan to implement solution
  • Verify the solution

Lesson 4

Finalize the Solution
  • Validate the solution
  • Update documentation
  • Train
  • Start audits
  • Transfer knowledge

Lesson 5

Overcoming Barriers
  • 10 barriers to Root Causes Analysis with potential remedies

Course Test


An assessment of the learnerís progress in this course.