Improving Measurement Systems



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Improving Measurement Systems

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Improving Measurement Systems

The key to improving the measurement system is to get to the root cause of the problem.

  • The results of the GR&R study can help here.

  • Use the relative magnitude of both the Repeatability and Reproducibility to determine where to start the investigation.

If the Repeatability calculation is greater than the Reproducibility:

  • Begin by looking at the measurement equipment since repeatability deals with variation due to the test equipment.

  • Here are some possible causes of a high repeatability calculation:

    • Measurement device may need to be repaired.
    • The device or fixture is not rigid enough for the measurement being made.
    • Measurement discrimination cannot meet the level of precision necessary for measuring the part.
    • Excessive within-part variation can also appear as a measurement repeatability problem (for example a round part that is not concentric).
    • Lighting may make it difficult to accurately read the scale of the instrument.

If the Reproducibility calculation is greater than the Repeatability:

  • First look at the appraisers and their test methods.

  • Here are some possible causes of a high reproducibility rating:

    • Is one appraiser’s overall average part measurement significantly different than the others? Retraining is needed.
    • Appraisers may have a hard time reading the gage or device.
    • The part or sample could be too difficult to handle or too awkward to align while taking a measurement.

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