Finalizing the Solution



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Finalizing the Solution

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To finalize the solution, ensure that it is permanent and institutionalized by:

  • Validating the solution
  • Updating related documentation
  • Training the affected groups in the new process and procedures
  • Implementing audit schedules
  • Sharing lessons learned


  • Verification versus Validation:
    • Verification: Was the solution built right?
    • Validation: Was the right solution built? (Or: Have the desired outcomes or effects been realized?)
  • Things to check:
    • Does the outcome meet expectations?
    • Does it work for all possible conditions?
    • Does it create any new problems?
    • Do customers agree with (or at least accept) the solution?
    • Has the solution affected suppliers?

Update Documentation:

  • Updating systems and related procedures and controls is part of finishing the job
  • Update:
    • Related procedures
    • Quality Systems
    • Control Plans
    • FMEAs


  • If the solution has lead to changes in procedures or systems have changed, those using the systems will need training on how to work with the changes.
  • Most likely, informal training has been conducted as part of the solution implementation and verification. Now is the time to develop a formalized training program around the new system.
    • Who, how and when will users be trained?
    • How will suggestions for potential revisions or enhancements be collected and used?


  • Early audits are checks on documentation and training
    • Auditing helps assure that all users understand the new systems the same way.
    • Noncompliance may be a sign that not all users understand the new system or that the instructions are not clear.
  • Audits help hold the gains
    • Ongoing audits make sure that the solution continues to be both useable and used.

Knowledge transfer:

  • Identify other processes that are similar; the same root cause analysis solutions may apply to them.
  • Leverage best practices by considering a Knowledge Base to archive and retrieve best practices.
  • Mitigating a root cause creates a best practice; publicize best practices through (internal) forums, newsletters or blogs.

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