FMEA Course Changes

Robin McDermott

FMEA Training Has Been Retired

FMEA Training was our first FMEA course originally published before 2000! Over time we have gotten customer feedback that the course is unnecessarily long because it covers both Design and Process FMEAs. While there are unique differences between Design and Process FMEAs, the steps for both types of FMEAs are similar, so the content in units 2 (Design FMEAs) and 3 (Process FMEAs) of the FMEA Training course is redundant.

For several years we have offered courses specifically focused on either Design FMEAs or Process FMEAs. These courses cover the same content as the FMEA Training course, but only walk learners through the steps for Design OR Process FMEAs and not both. These two courses will replace FMEA Training which will be no longer be available for assignment after February 15, 2022. Learners who have been assigned the course prior to February 15, 2022 will have access to it through December 31, 2022 when it will officially be removed from our system.

This is a change to our courses that we have been reminding customers of in our monthly emails since July 2021.

If your company has custom curriculums that include the FMEA Training course, we will be in touch with you to discuss an updated curriculum.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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