FMEA Course Changes

Robin McDermott

FMEA Training was our first FMEA course. Over time we have gotten customer feedback that the course is unnecessarily long because it covers both Design and Process FMEAs. Yet, in practice, people typically participate either on Design or Process FMEAs depending on their job function; it is rare for a person to participate on both types of FMEA teams.  While there are unique differences between Design and Process FMEAs, the steps for both types of FMEAs are similar so the content in units 2 (Design FMEAs) and 3 (Process FMEAs) is redundant. The most effective way to teach adults is to provide them with the relevant information that they need; no more and no less.  Requiring people go through redundant content, that they may never use violated that key tenant of adult learning.

For several years we have offered courses specifically focused on either Design FMEAs or Process FMEAs. These courses cover the same content as the FMEA Training course, but only walk learners through the steps for Design OR Process FMEAs and not both.

In 2021 we are phasing out FMEA Training. The course will still be available to assign to learners for the remainder of 2021 and learners who have been assigned the course will have access to it at least through 2022. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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