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Why Isn’t My Course Complete?


You think that you have completed the course, but it still shows as In Progress.


All modules for the course must be complete in order for the course to be complete.

For example, here are records for a course that is NOT complete:

In this case, the content for the course, Cost of Quality, is showing as In Progress and the Challenge is Not Started. Therefore, the course is In Progress.

There are TWO WAYS to complete the content modules of a course:

Get to the last page of the unit and click on the button the Exit and Mark as Complete:

OR, when you successfully complete the Challenge, the content module will be marked as complete.

Why Doesn’t The Content Show as Complete?

If you are wondering why a content module is not showing as complete, look at the details for the module by clicking on the Plus Sign next to the name of the module. The details for the module will be shown and the Plus Sign will turn into a minus sign. You can hide the details, by clicking the minus sign.

In the above example, you can see that the module is In Progress.

In the example below, the module is also In Progress, but here you can see that a bookmark has been set:

Whenever you exit a content module, a bookmark will be set UNLESS:

  1. You exit from the FIRST PAGE of the module.
  2. You time out of the module due to inactivity.

IMPORTANT: If you get to the last page of a module and you do not hit the EXIT AND MARK AS COMPLETE button, that module will show as In Progress.

Here is an example of a Course that is Complete:

If you have NOT Completed ALL Required Modules, the course will not show as complete.

To complete the Challenge, you MUST get a score that is equal to or higher than the Required Passing Score. You can see what the Required Passing Score is by clicking on the Plus Sign to the right of the challenge title.

Here is an example of what the records will look like when the Challenge is Complete:

What If I Don’t Achieve the Required Passing Score on a Challenge?

If you take a Challenge and don’t achieve the Required Passing Score, you may retake the Challenge.  You may retake the Challenge as many times as you wish.  Each time, you will get a different set of questions.

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