Learner Help

Learner’s Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren’t the pages I have visited being tracked?

We have never tracked pages visited because of our philosophy of how adults learn. Many people who take our training are using it as a refresher or are already using some of the concepts presented in the course in their jobs. We don’t believe that learners should have to go through the basics of concepts they are already comfortable with. Adult learners will seek to learn information they need to perform a task. In our mind, this is a strong benefit of online learning vs. classroom training. In the classroom, everyone must go through every concept as a group; whether some of them have prior knowledge or not.

For this reason, learners are not required to go through every page of every lesson. So, content modules are only marked as complete if the learner gets to the end of the module and either exits from that page or clicks on the button “Exit and Mark as Complete.”

However, Challenges MUST be successfully completed in order for a course to be considered complete.

Why isn’t a bookmark being set when I exit the training?

When you exit a content module (not a Challenge or Quiz) a bookmark will be set so the next time that you login and access that module, you will get right back to where you left off. A bookmark will NOT be set for a Challenge; you must complete the challenge in one sitting which will typically be 10 to 15 minutes.

You can confirm that the bookmark has been set by reviewing the records for the course.

To assure a bookmark gets set, when you are ready to exit the training content, click on the x in the circle in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Why wouldn’t a bookmark be set?

If you are in a course for a period of time and there is no activity, for security purposes, you will be logged out of the Learning Management System (LMS) and a bookmark will not be set in the course records. This typically happens if you are working on your training and you get a phone call or have a meeting to go to and you don’t exit the course. While the course itself remains open and running, when you exit it, because you have been logged out of the LMS, the system doesn’t know where to post the bookmark to.

How can I get back to where I left off if a bookmark wasn’t set?

While not ideal if you don’t remember exactly where you left off, you can use the Table of Contents to get close to where you think you last were in the training. To access the Table of Contents, click on the button with three horizontal lines that is between the forward and backward arrows in the lower left corner of the screen.

This will display a list of all pages:

You can scroll to the page where you think that you left off and click on it to go to that page.

You can also navigate to the first page in the training and use the Lesson Menu to get to the start of any lesson.

I don’t see the left-hand menu

Depending on your screen size (for example if you are using an iPad), the left-hand menu may not be displayed. It is easy to display the menu by clicking on the “hamburger” icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

The menu will now display and you can select items from it.

Once you have selected a menu item, the menu will minimize again and to show the menu again you will need to click on the “hamburger” again.

I am having trouble logging in

Three pieces of information are required to login to training records at QualityTrainingPortal:

  • Corporate ID
  • Username
  • Password

All three of these are case sensitive.

  • If you try to login and are not successful, read the message above your login details.  It will help you figure out what the problem is.
  • If you still are not successful, you can click the link below the login button to retrieve your username and/or password.
  • If you still are not successful, contact us.

Can I print out the training?

Because the training is interactive many of the pages can’t stand on their own and need the context of previous and subsequent pages or the depth of pop-ups and other functionality on the page that can’t be printed out. Some of the pages can be printed.  If it is a page that we feel can stand alone (for example a list or summary or a clear graphic) you should be able to print it using the print icon in the right hand navigation panel (above the < and > buttons).

More important, each course has a PDF Reference Guide (or a PDF Quick Guide for our shorter courses)  that summarizes the key points in each lesson.  In addition, in the appendix you will find tables, worksheets and other reference material pertinent to the course as well as a glossary of terms.  To access the Reference Guide, go to your training records and select the course you are working on.  On the screen that shows all of the modules for the course, the last items will be the Reference Guide.  After it is opened in your web browser you can print it out, read it online or save it to your computer for your personal use.

Do you provide a certificate once the training is completed?

Yes! Once you have successfully completed a course, you will see a link for the course certificate in your records.


You may print out the certificate or save it as a PDF.

What if the training can’t be completed in one sitting?

We usually recommend that learners spend no more than 45 to 60 minutes at a time on our courses. When learners are done with the training for that period of time, a bookmark will be set on the screen they are on and they will be taken back to that location the next time they access that module.

When it comes to customer service, we practice what we preach!

If you have questions or need help, call us or email us. Our official hours are weekdays 8am to 5pm EST, but you will often talk with a live person outside of those hours if you call. Calling from North America: Toll-free 800-810-8326 Calling outside of North America: 802-496-5888