Large Team Subscription

With QualityTrainingPortal, we will do the training.

So you can focus on making the improvements!

Available in Spanish, Polish, French, Chinese and MORE!

Large Team Subscriptions come with two training groups. Each training group can have it's own administrator.
  • You choose the course titles to add to your account and you then use training credits to assign those courses to your learners.
  • With two training groups and administrators, instruction can be deployed and accounted for at the local level.
  • Subscriptions include our Learning Management System that enables designated administrators to easily set up learners and assign training, run a variety of activity reports and send reminders to complete training. Or, we can integrate with your Learning Management System if you have one.
  • The subscription term is one year and includes 50 training credits at $69 per credit; purchase additional training credits for $69 each.
  • Annual subscription renewal is free with the purchase of 20 credits or $499 per year for support only. In either case, all unused credits are rolled over into the next license period.
  • Learners get perpetual use of all previously assigned training for courses accessed within the past two years with active subscriptions.

Team Subscriptions are Renewable and Scalable

If you don’t use all of the training credits by the end of your subscription term, you can purchase additional training credits or your can pay a small support fee and your subscription term is extended and all unused training credits are rolled over.

Renewal options when your subscription expires

As long as your subscription is active, all learners who have been registered for training will continue to have access to their courses for two years from the last time they actively used the course.  This means if your learners use the training annually as refresher training, they will have access to those courses as long as your company has an active subscription with

If you start with a Small Team or Large Team Subscription and your training needs expand, you can always move up to the next level and get the benefits and quantity discounts.

QualityTrainingPortal GROWS with Your Training Needs

With our options for subscriptions, you manage the training for your organization using our administrative tools including registering learners and monitoring their progress.  You determine the course titles to add to your account and you then use credits to assign those courses to your learners.

Do You Have Your Own Learning Management System (LMS)?

We are able to connect our LMS to your SCORM LMS.  SCORM integration is usually free with the purchase of a Large Workgroup Subscription unless special programming for an AICC or non-standard LMS is required.  To learn more, please give us a call at 1-800-810-8326.  We will provide you with our seamless integration document and a sample SCORM package that will take you less than 5 minutes to install in your LMS and test.

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