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Self-Directed Online Learning

Self-paced/self-directed learning has been around forever!  Fifty years ago, correspondence courses were the latest “technology” in self-directed learning.  Today, most “formal” self-directed learning is web- or computer-based.  We say “formal” to distinguish the learning from “informal.” 

Informal self-directed learning is constantly occurring – whether the learning comes from surfing the internet, reading a book, listening to the radio, observing others doing something, trying something new and we could go on and on.  Formal learning is usually intentional and usually has a formal set of goals as well. 

While online training seems to be a relatively new concept as a subset of self-directed learning, it has been used successfully for years.  In fact, our company has been providing some form of computer-based training since 1996 when we introduced our first computer-based course, SPC Workout, in response to customers who used our off-the-shelf SPC in Action training program. 

In 2002 we began offering our computer-based training also in a web-based format.  Today, all of our training is delivered online through a web browser.  For more information on how our training works, click here.

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