Great Visual Displays Tell a Story

Hey there sports fans!  Imagine watching the big game without a score board.  Maybe you can mentally keep track of
Scoreboards are a great example of an effective visual display.

Set-Up Reduction: What can we learn from a pit crew?

What are slow changeovers costing your business? NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick says that a slow changeover by his pit crew
Set-Up Reduction. What we can learn from a Pit Crew.

Are your employees logging more miles at work than at the gym?

HOW TO STREAMLINE YOUR PROCESS FLOW Have you checked your employees’ Fitbit logs lately? If your employees are hitting their
Do you have a process layout problem?

Are your learners completing their training?

What is your training completion rate? Training that doesn’t get completed means money down the drain not to mention a

The NEW AIAG-VDA FMEA Handbook is here!

The NEW AIAG-VDA FMEA Handbook was released in June 2019. The changes to FMEAs for the automotive sector are BIG!

FMEA Course Changes

FMEA Training was our first FMEA course. Over time we have gotten customer feedback that the course is unnecessarily long
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Course Name Changes

In July 2021 we will be making some minor changes to course names. These changes have been suggested by several
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