Yellow Belt Training Curriculum

A Yellow Belt is one step up from a beginner, yet with solid training can work effectively as a member of a problem-solving team.

Lean Six Sigma uses the analogy of belt colors (traditionally associated with martial arts) to designate competence in applying lean six sigma tools to problem solving and process improvement. A Yellow Belt is usually the first step in the progression to become an expert in Lean Six Sigma.

A Yellow Belt is one step up from a beginner, yet with solid training can work effectively as a member of a problem-solving team. With the guidance of other, more experienced team members (Green Belts) and facilitation by experts (Black Belts), Yellow Belts will eventually also be able to apply basic problem-solving techniques to make improvements in their own work areas.

Yellow Belt Training Curriculum

Our Yellow Belt Training Curriculum starts with a short introduction to the basic concepts of Lean Six Sigma. After that learners are challenged learners to think differently about problem-solving with an Introduction to Mistake-Proofing. Finally, Yellow Belt training participants are inspired to start improving their own work areas with 5S’s:  Workplace Organization training.

How to Purchase a Curriculum

QualityTrainingPortal’s online training offers a cost-effective alternative for Yellow Belt Training that fits into daily work demands and assures that everyone receives the same consistent, high quality instruction.

Benefits of Online Yellow Belt Training

  • Training can be fit into the work schedule, for example, one hour at the end of each day. No need to be out of the office for full days to attend a seminar.
  • All employees going through the training learn the exact same material and terminology. Getting new employees up to speed is as easy as registering them for the online courses.
  • People with a solid knowledge of specific topics can quickly move through the training, take the tests and complete the course.
  • If someone isn’t going to be using one of the tools, they don’t have to take that training course. You, as the administrator, decide the actual curriculum for each employee.
  • If someone needs more in-depth training just add that course to their curriculum.
  • Without compromising quality, the cost of training is a fraction the cost of instructor-led training.
  • Travel costs are eliminated.
  • Administration is easy using the QualityTrainingPortal LMS or integrate the courses into your own LMS.
  • Training is available when you need it; not when the seminar is offered.

How to Purchase a Curriculum

Courses in the Yellow Belt Training Curriculum

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma introduces learners to the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma as complementary, additive methodologies that focus on both waste and variation reduction.

Introduction to Mistake-Proofing Training introduces learners to the prevention-focused mindset that is the cornerstone of mistake-proofing.  Learners will also become familiar with mistake-proofing concepts, tools and techniques used to formulate (and evaluate) mistake-proofing solutions.

Quality Improvement Fundamentals Introduced learners to 8 Quality Improvement Tools that will enable them to easily collect data, uncover clues and fix problems either on their own or in teams.

5S’s: Workplace Organization presents the fundamental concepts of the 5S’s that will improve quality and productivity. The 5S training includes step-by-step guidelines for achieving the 5S’s as well as a roadmap to implement the 5S’s throughout the entire organization. Many examples of 5S success stories are included throughout the training.

Recommended Training Schedule

Because our training is online and available 24/7/365, you determine your training schedule, based on your needs and time available.  Courses can be taken one after another and the curriculum could be completed in one to two weeks. Another approach might be to require completion of one course a month, which means the Yellow Belt Training Curriculum would be completed in 3 months. The choice is yours.

Approximately ~10.5 hours of training

  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma (1.5 hours)
  • Introduction to Mistake-Proofing (2 hours)
  • Quality Improvement Fundamentals (2 hours)
  • 5S’s: Workplace Organization (5 hours)

How to Purchase a Curriculum

Cost of Yellow Belt Training

Cost of the Yellow Belt Training courses depends on how many people are going to take the training. For an individual, cost for the 4 basic courses is $228. Quantity discounts can reduce the cost of the training for companies and work teams who purchase subscriptions. This will explain how credits are purchased that can then be used to assign training courses.

How to Purchase a Curriculum