Mistake-Proofing Training

Course Outline
Course Objectives

Intended Audience

Front line employees, managers and supervisors in manufacturing environments.

Time To Complete

8 hours (0.8 CEUs)

What is Mistake-Proofing (Poka Yoke)?

Mistakes seem to happen at the worst time. At work, just before a critical shipment, an inadvertent mistake causes the entire shipment to be rejected. Or at home, just before leaving for a long anticipated vacation, “Murphy’s Laws” intervene, and a series of seemingly unavoidable mistakes delays our departure.

Can we defeat Murphy’s Laws? Can we eliminate these costly mistakes? Probably not totally, but the use of mistaking-proofing tools and techniques will put an end to many of the repetitive, costly mistakes that rob us of time and money both at home and at work.

Mistake-Proofing is more than just incremental improvements or trying harder to do a better job. Mistake-Proofing techniques don’t just reduce the chance of making errors, but they eliminate the possibility for error altogether.

Mistake-Proofing Online Training

Mistake-Proofing online training will help put you on the path to defeating Murphy’s Laws. With Mistake-Proofing, you will not only learn a systematic way to error-proof processes and products, but you will also see a wealth of examples of mistake-proofing solutions applied to real-life recurring problems. Most people learn mistake-proofing skills by seeing examples and then stealing shamelessly to apply similar solutions to their own problems. That’s why Mistake-Proofing is loaded with lots of examples that will trigger implementation of more mistake-proofing solutions in your company.  Check out Error-Proofing Business Processes if you are looking for Mistake-Proofing training in a non-manufacturing setting.

Mistake-Proofing is divided into four units. Unit 1, The Mistake-Proofing Primer provides a conceptual background and foundation for mistake-proofing efforts. Unit 2, Effects of Mistake-Proofing, covers practical mistake-proofing techniques. Tools to design and implement mistake-proofing solutions are covered in Unit 3, Mistake-Proofing Solutions. Examples of problems along with accompanying mistake-proofing solutions in a variety of settings are explored in Unit 4, Mistake-Proofing in Action.

This Training Enables Learners To…

  • Understand why 99.9% is not good enough and why mistakes must be eliminated for good.
  • Identify different types of mistake-proofing solutions.
  • Know how to use different mistake-proofing techniques and be able to identify the best way to mistake-proof a given situation.
  • Integrate mistake-proofing as an integral part of an overall Quality Improvement Process.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • None.

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