Lean Resource Center

Components of Lean

Streamline the Value Stream (Workflows and Layouts):

Learn how to use value stream maps to create macro-facility workflows and micro-process workflows.

Workplace Organization (The 5S’s):

Understand how the 5S’s establish a structured approach for storing materials, supplies, and equipment in work areas.

Predictability & Consistency (Quality):

Discover how quality improvement techniques such as GR&Rs, SPC, DOE, DFA/DFM, and (especially) mistake-proofing help prevent problems and lead to robust processes.

Set-Up Reduction (SMED):

Investigate how to slash set-up and change-over times and understand how important fast set-ups are to lean efforts.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Learn how to improve equipment reliability by applying TPM methods.

Visual Workplace (Displays & Controls):

See how visual controls and visual displays reinforce and enhance a lean effort.

Lean Support Processes (Purchasing, Scheduling, Warehousing & Shipping)

Recognize how important lean scheduling, lean purchasing, lean accounting, and lean warehousing practices are to supporting and sustaining a lean manufacturing effort.

Continuous Improvement (PDCA):

Explore the options for keeping a lean effort viable and vital.