Curriculums are a bundle of two or more courses put together and taken by a learner to achieve specific learning objectives.

Assigning a Curriculum If You Have a Subscription

To learn about how to use curriculums if you have a Team or Corporate Subscription with us, go here.

Assigning a Curriculum for Individual Learners

If you have purchased training for yourself through our online store, here we will describe how to assign yourself a curriculum.

We offer four curriculums for which you can earn a curriculum certificate:

  • Core Tools Training
  • Yellow Belt Training
  • Green Belt Training
  • Black Belt Training

We DO NOT offer a way to preassign all of the courses to you at once for several reasons. Instead, you need to purchase training credits and then assign the courses for the curriculum you wish to take.

1. Purchase Training Credits

First you need to assure you have enough credits to assign all of the courses that are a part of the curriculum you wish to purchase.

How to Purchase a Curriculum

If you have already taken a course that is a part of the curriculum, you don’t need to retake that course.

2. Assign Courses

One reason that we do not preassign courses when you take a curriculum is once a course is assigned, you have 30 days to complete it. If all courses were preassigned, you would need to complete all of them in 30 days which is an unrealistic amount of training for most people to take in a month. Instead, we recommend that you assign each course, one at a time. Once you have completed the first course, then assign the second one and so on. This assures that you have 30 full days to complete each course.  When you purchase credits, they are good for a full year so you are able to spread the training out to work around vacations, holidays and busy times in your job.

Because we have several different versions of many of our courses, we haven’t preassigned the courses to you. It is your job to select the courses that are most appropriate for your needs. For example, we have 5 different FMEA courses that would qualify as the FMEA course in the Core Tools Curriculum. Select the course that is best for your needs and it will serve as the FMEA course that goes toward achieving the Core Tools Training certificate. Here are the curriculums and the course options for each.

Core Tools Training

Yellow Belt Training

Green Belt Training

Black Belt Training

3. Request Your Curriculum Certificate

Once you have completed all of the courses in the curriculum, contact us and we will email you a PDF Curriculum Certificate. Be sure to tell us the curriculum you wish to get a certificate for.