Quality Training Courses in Spanish, Chinese and More!

Robin McDermott
Quality Training Courses in Spanish

NEWS RELEASE  QualityTrainingPortal announces that their 20 most popular quality training courses including AIAG-VDA FMEAs, Basic SPC, APQP, PPAP and 8D Problem-Solving are now available in Spanish, Chinese and seven other languages in addition to English. The remaining 40 courses in their portfolio will be rolled out over the next four months.

“To meet the demands of the global workplace, it became imperative that we offer our training in the native languages of our customers. Translation tools have become much more effective and accurate. Now we can quickly get our quality training courses released in the languages our users need including Spanish, French, German and Chinese,” said Robin McDermott, Director of Training.

Beta Testers Give Translated Courses High Marks!

McDermott pointed out, “By using machine translation, we are able to keep our costs down and our training affordable. But what we are most happy about is the feedback we got from a team of over 50 beta testers.”

QualityTrainingPortal had learners in key customer companies review the courses in their preferred language. Beta testers gave the translated courses high marks. Their suggestions for improvements have further improved the quality of the translated content.

Meeting the Needs of Global Manufacturers

Online training is an excellent option for manufacturers that need to establish standardized improvement tools and techniques throughout the enterprise. When the training is not dependent on a live trainer, it eliminates scheduling hassles and is more cost-effective. With QualityTrainingPortal courses available in multiple languages, organizations have a comprehensive training solution to meet their quality and productivity improvement needs. Global enterprises can now be sure their employees are learning the same concepts, terminology and procedures regardless of the language they speak.

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