Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Resource Center

Getting More Out of Design FMEAs

DFMEAs should be conducted:

  • On all new products.
  • DFMEAs should be conducted throughout the design cycle, beginning in the concept stage. Revise the DFMEA in the preliminary design stage, revise again in the prototype stage, and finalize the DFMEA in the final design stage.
  • Whenever a change is to be made to a product.
  • On existing products.
  • Use the Pareto Principle to decide which product or products to work on first.

Make your FMEA a living document by adding to it and updating it whenever new information about the design or process develops.

FMEAs should be updated when:

  • Product or process improvements are made.
  • New failure modes are identified.
  • New data regarding effects are obtained.
  • Root causes are determined.