Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Resource Center

Linking DFMEAs and Control Plans

A natural link exists between FMEAs and Control Plans.

The purpose of a Control Plan is to:

  • Minimize variation.
  • Provide a structured approach for control.
  • Establish a well thought-out reaction plan.
  • Document and communicate failures and improvements.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.

The primary reason for developing a Control Plan from a DFMEA is to use the DFMEA for setting process control procedures and identifying primary control points for the process the product will be made on.

  • A Control Plan linked to the DFMEA provides a structured documentation and communication vehicle for the process control group.

Key components of a Control Plan include the:

  • The control factor.
  • Specifications and tolerances of control factors.
  • Measurement system or technique.
  • Sample size and sample frequency.
  • Control method.
  • Reaction plan.