Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Resource Center

Getting More Out of Process FMEAs

PFMEAs should be conducted:

  • On all new processes.
  • PFMEAs should be conducted throughout the process design cycle beginning in the preliminary design stage.
  • Revise the PFMEA in the pilot process stage, revise again in the final design stage, and finalize the PFMEA in the as-built stage.
  • Whenever a change is to be made to a process.
  • On existing processes.
  • Use the Pareto Principle to decide which processes to work on first.

Make your FMEA a living document by adding to it and updating it whenever new information about the design or process develops.

FMEAs should be updated when:

  • Product or process improvements are made.
  • New failure modes are identified.
  • New data regarding effects are obtained.
  • Root causes are determined.