Mistake-Proofing Resource Center

Practical, Feasible, and Cost-Effective Mistake-Proofing Solutions

Reality Check

  • Before implementing a solution, it is always a good idea to conduct a reality check. With a reality check, you assess whether the solution is practical, feasible, and cost effective.
  • Practicality and feasibility can be judged together.
  • This two-dimensional chart looks at the power of the mistake-proofing solution relative to the effort required to implement it. Use it as a reality check.

Conceptual reality check for a mistake-proofing solution.

Check the Cost-Effectiveness

  • A cost-benefit analysis is one way of checking the cost-effectiveness.
  • A benefit of mistaking-proofing is the elimination of risk. Therefore, compare the risk of NOT implementing the solution against the cost of implementing it. This will help you evaluate the cost-effectiveness from one perspective.
  • The chart below compares the cost of implementation against the risk of NOT implementing a solution.

Conceptual diagram of the cost-effectiveness of a mistake-proofing solution.

  • Sometimes there may be other, intangible issues that require implementation of a practical and feasible mistake-proofing solution, even if the cost looks unreasonable.