Mistake-Proofing Resource Center

Specialty Sensors

 Bar Code Readers

Example of a barcode reader

  • Bar code readers can be used to shut down the process when the wrong package or part is detected; or they can be used to divert that package or part.

Color Recognition Sensors

  • Color detectors can be used to detect the wrong product, poor quality product, or wrong orientation.

Shock Sensors

  • Shock sensors can be used to detect loose parts, machine malfunctions, or improper removal of products or parts of a machine.

Example of a shock sensor

Metal Detectors

  • Metal detectors are used in the food, pharmaceutical, plastics, and other industries to detect tramp metal. Many metal detectors will automatically divert product containing metal. Other systems will shut down the line if too much metal is present.

Moisture Detectors

  • Normally moisture sensors work with water. Some will work with other liquids. These are often put in remote parts of the process that the operator does not frequent or that the operator cannot readily see.