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SET IN ORDER: Signs and Labels for Storage Locations

Signs & Labels for Storage Locations

Tips for using signs and labels to identify what is stored in specific storage locations:

Label the Locations

  • When setting in order, label the designated locations and storage containers.
  • The information contained on the labels will be easier for all employees to understand when the format for the labels is standardized.
  • When storage locations might change, consider portable labels. For example, magnetic labels work well on racking in storage and warehouse areas.
  • For consumables, another alternative is to use kanban cards as the labels by having them mounted in plastic sleeves at the location. When the reorder quantity is reached, the kanban card can be removed from the sleeve and then be used to reorder the item.

Communicate Information with Labels

  • Labels can help communicate information at a glance.
  • For example, color-coding the labels so that the storage locations and types or classes of inventoried items can be quickly matched saves time.

Use Visual Labels

  • Labels containing words or code numbers are good but sometimes pictures are even better.
  • Consider putting a picture or schematic of the item on the label to create a visual label that clearly communicates the item stored.

Color Coding

  • Color-coding tools makes it easier to know where they belong and when they are out of place.
  • Consider color-coding peripheral equipment such as chutes, dies, and fixtures that go with specific pieces of equipment as well.