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The Shine phase is more than making the work area spic and span.

  • There are three aspects of shine: getting the workplace clean, maintaining its appearance, and using preventive measures to keep it clean.

Cleaning the workplace

  • Take the time to plan what needs to be cleaned, what it will be cleaned with, when it will be cleaned, and who will do the cleaning.

Maintaining the appearance of the workplace

  • Techniques and practices that contribute to the appearance of a work area include: painting, lighting, dealing with clutter, dust collection, minimizing spills, and conducting routine maintenance.

Using preventive measures to keep the workplace clean

  • Once the work area, tools, and equipment are clean, they need to be kept that way.
  • Continued housekeeping is one way to keep the work area, tools, and equipment clean. But the better way is to prevent these from getting dirty in the first place.
  • Root cause analysis, mistake-proofing, and the use of preventive measures are important to keep the workplace clean and orderly.


  • Equipment that is kept clean performs more efficiently and has less unscheduled downtime. Additionally, many organizations find that productivity and safety performance improve as housekeeping improves.