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SHINE: Tips for Cleaning the Workplace

Tips for Cleaning the Workplace

Tips for cleaning the workplace in the Shine phase:

What needs to be cleaned?

  • Actually, everything will need to be cleaned, but the 5S team should take the time to specifically list out what will be cleaned.
  • Use your list to determine what cleaning equipment and supplies will be needed and who will do the cleaning.
  • Cleaning the work area does not just mean the process equipment and area directly around it. It means the whole area including the floors, the walls, and even the ceilings and the lighting fixtures.
  • Even areas under and on top of equipment, areas which are not normally seen, should be cleaned. These areas are often overlooked or ignored.

Cleaning Tools

  • The proper tools are needed for housekeeping just like the proper tools are needed to do the “real” job.
  • Housekeeping equipment and supplies should be kept in designated locations near where they will be used.
  • Set up a kanban system for cleaning supplies.

Cleaning Schedules

  • Continual cleaning of a work area is the best approach.
  • If an area “gets dirty” faster than it can be kept clean, find the reason (root cause) and correct it.
  • Set scheduled cleaning times and responsibilities for common areas.

Cleaning Responsibilities

  • A formal schedule is best for establishing who will do what and when they will do it. A posted checklist is a good tool for creating the schedule; use the checklist to indicate responsibility and record the completion of housekeeping assignments.