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SHINE: Preventive Measures

Preventive (Shine) Measures

Tips to help keep the workplace “Shining:”

Root Cause Analysis

  • Treat cleaning and organizing the work area as a process improvement problem. The same root cause and problem-solving tools used for quality and productivity problems can be applied to improving workplace organization and appearance.
  • A key to preventing recurrence of housekeeping issues lies in root cause analysis of the problem. Root cause analysis involves collecting and analyzing data to find out what is at the root of the “dirty equipment or work area” symptoms.

Mistake-Proofing Solutions

  • Once the root cause of recurring housekeeping issues is found, identify a solution that mistake-proofs the problem and prevents the work area and equipment from getting dirty in the first place.

Prevention in the Design Stage

  • New installations should be designed with housekeeping in mind.
  • Prevention ideas that focus on seemingly unimportant housekeeping issues can lead to significant improvements in appearance over the long term.