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SET IN ORDER: Storage Don’ts

Storage Don’ts

Things NOT to do when arranging and designing storage locations and devices:

Don’t Use Worktables as Storage Tables

  • A worktable is not a good storage area.
  • Tables in many work areas seem to become magnets for clutter. Consider removing tables in the work area unless they are needed to perform work.
  • If a table is needed, it should be sized for the work being done on it. Do not allow space that could be used for storage. Sometimes it’s best to replace a table with a stand.

Don’t Allocate Too Much Space

  • Be careful not to allocate too much space when designating locations.
  • Remember that open areas in any operation tend to get filled up; most of the time the open area gets filled with things that aren’t needed in the work area.
  • Err on the side of using less space rather than more space unless safety considerations are involved.

Don’t Waste the Worker’s Time

  • When organizing work areas, be careful not to set the storage up in a manner that would waste the worker’s time trying to get at the items.
  • For example, if the worker would have to wait for a fork truck to unstack items, then don’t stack them to begin with. And don’t put items on the top shelf in an office if the office workers will need to take time to locate a step stool or step ladder to get access to them.