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FMEA Training from is a requirement for anyone in our organization who will serve on an FMEA team. With the course under their belt, our employees can immediately contribute to the success of the FMEA project.

FMEA, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, is a powerful tool to improve quality, reduce risk and increase customer satisfaction. While the concepts of FMEA are not complicated or difficult to learn and apply, training is essential to assure FMEA team members understand the process and terminology and can make valuable contributions to the project.

7 FMEA Training Courses Available!

We have FMEA training courses to meet any training need. Our “Master” level courses are designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills needed to actively participate on an FMEA team. These courses take a deep dive into the FMEA process providing detailed insight into each step with sound instruction and corresponding examples. Our “Overview” courses are ideal for senior level managers or people who support FMEA teams. These courses are short and help participants learn the FMEA process and language in order to effectively communicate with FMEA teams and customers.

Traditional and AIAG-VDA Methodology

FMEAs were first established in the late 1940’s by the United States military as a way to reduce sources of variation and corresponding potential of failures in the production of munitions – and it proved a highly effective tool. The use of FMEAs spread across industries and around the world over the next 70 years and they have become a cornerstone of quality and productivity improvement.  While small evolutionary enhancements have been made to FMEAs over this time, in 2019, substantial changes were introduced as AIAG (the US Automotive Industry Action Group) and VDA (the German Association of the Automotive Industry) “harmonized” their differences for conducting FMEAs.

We offer training in both the traditional FMEA methodology and the AIAG-VDA methodology. If you are a supplier to the automotive industry, we recommend you start making the switch to the AIAG-VDA process. If your industry is not requiring that you adopt the new process, we recommend using the traditional approach to FMEAs. If you are not sure of which approach is right for you or you are considering making the switch, but it isn’t required, we suggest you take our Introduction to AIAG-VDA FMEAs course to have a better understanding of the new process.


These courses feature the 2019 AIAG-VDA Methodology now required for the automotive sector.

Traditional FMEAs

These courses feature the traditional FMEA methodology using RPNs (Risk Priority Numbers).

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