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Core Tools are considered a standard throughout the automotive industry. These five tools that are used throughout a product’s lifecycle, from development to production and delivery, are the fundamental building blocks to a Quality Management System that consistently produces the right products on time. ┬áIn fact, the aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical and medical industries are adopting core tools as their standard requirements throughout their supply chains in much the same way that the automotive industry has done with IATF 16949.

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This set of core tools facilitates communications between suppliers and customers by providing a common language and process for designing and manufacturing products.

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Core Tools Training

Effective use of the Core Tools requires a common language and understanding of how the tools work. One option is public seminars and another is bringing the training in-house; neither is ideal. Traditional classroom training can be a huge drain on resources; both time and money. Online training is a cost-effective, flexible alternative approach to training.

QualityTrainingPortal’s Core Tools Training offers an alternative to expensive and time consuming instructor-led courses. Our online training can fit into daily work demands and assure that everyone is on the same page.

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