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Courses Available In Other Languages

We now offer many of our courses in alternative languages. To learn more about the courses and languages, click here.

Language support is available at no additional fee, but you must request it be added to your subscription. Here is the form to make that request.

Adding language support to your subscription applies to all courses that you offer that are “translation-ready.” It also applies to your entire subscription; it can’t be selectively applied to some Training Groups but not to others or to some learners and not others.

Once language support is added to your subscription, you have two options to apply language support to learners.

  1. Do nothing. With this approach, each learner will be able to select their preferred language when they take a course. This information gets stored to their User Profile so that the language preference is preselected for the next course that they take. These users can always switch back to English or another language on the course page.
  2. Set the preferred language in the users profile. We don’t recommend taking the time to do this unless you want to require the learner to take the training in a particular language.  In this case, you would Edit the User Profile, Select a Language and check the Single Language box.

Selecting a Language in the User profile.

When it comes to customer service, we practice what we preach!

If you have questions or need help, call us or email us. Our official hours are weekdays 8am to 5pm EST, but you will often talk with a live person outside of those hours if you call. Calling from North America: Toll-free 800-810-8326 Calling outside of North America: 802-496-5888