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Disable and Enable Users

Why Disable and Enable Users

As users change roles in your organization or when they leave your company, chances are you don’t want them showing up in reports or appearing as if they are an active learner. The ability to disable and enable learners makes it easy for you to keep your data clean and up to date without losing any important information.

What Happens When You Disable a User?

Disabled learners will no longer show up in your reports, nor will they be able to login to QualityTrainingPortal*. However, if they return to your organization, you can easily enable them and they previous records will be in tact.

*If your company connects to QTP through your own LMS, it is assumed that you manage access to QTP through your LMS.  In other words, when someone leaves your organization, their access to your LMS is ended.  Therefore, Disabled Learners who access QTP through their company LMS will automatically be Enabled when they come into QTP. This is true if they are logging into a course they have already been assigned or if they are logging into a new course that they haven’t previously accessed.  Credit will be charged if this is a new course assignment.

How To Disable a User

Select the menu item, Disable Users and then Disable User.

All of the users you have administration rights to are listed.  Select the user you wish to disable.

You will be brought to the Users Profile.  Select the Disable button.

You can also disable multiple users at one time.  To do that, go to Disable Multiple Users.

Now, select the users you wish to disable and then click Submit. These users will be instantly disabled.


Enabling Users

If you have disabled someone by mistake, don’t worry!  It is easy to enable them again. This same process works when you want to enable user who may have returned to your organization.

Select the menu item, Disable/Enable Users, Enable User.

Then select the user you wish to enable.

And then select the Enable button in the user’s profile.

If you have multiple users you wish to enable, start by selecting the Enable Multiple Users option.

Then select the users you wish to enable and then select the Submit button.

Important Points About Enabling and Disabling

  • Users who are disabled cannot login to QualityTrainingPortal, unless your company has it’s own LMS and they link to QTP through your LMS.
  • When you disable a user, their records stay in tact so that if they ever return or you disabled them by mistake, you can simple enable them and they records will be restored.
  • Disabled learners will not show up in any reports other than the List Disabled Users report in the Disable/Enable menu section. If you cannot find a learner in your reports or lists of learners, chances are they have been disabled.

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