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CategoryCourse TitleTypeEst. HoursCEU's /RU'sService Industry FocusCore Tools CurriculumBelt Curriculums
Lean /Lean Six Sigma5S's: Workplace Organization50.5 Yellow Belt
Problem-Solving8D Problem-Solving*50.5YesCore Tools (Optional)Green Belt
Statistical ToolsAdvanced Control Charts30.3 
Statistical ToolsAdvanced Process Capability30.3 
Statistical ToolsAdvanced SPC60.6 Core Tools (Optional)Black Belt
Statistical ToolsBasic SPC60.6 Core ToolsGreen Belt
Statistical ToolsBasic SPC for Business Processes50.5YesGreen Belt
Statistical ToolsControl Chart Basics2.50.25 
Quality Improvement
Control Plan Basics20.2 
Quality Improvement
Cost of Quality40.4Yes
Quality Improvement
Design FMEA Basics50.5 
Problem-SolvingDMAIC Basics50.5YesGreen Belt
Statistical ToolsDOE: Screening Experiments80.8 Black Belt
Problem-SolvingError-Proofing Business Processes50.5YesYellow Belt
Problem-SolvingFive Whys1.50.15Yes
Quality Improvement
FMEA for Business Processes60.6YesGreen Belt
Quality Improvement
FMEA Training80.8 Core ToolsGreen Belt
Quality Improvement
Fundamentals of APQP60.6 Core Tools
Quality Improvement
Gage Training90.9 
Quality Improvement
Internal Auditing40.4Yes
Lean /Lean Six SigmaIntroduction to the 5S's20.2Yes
Quality Improvement
Introduction to Cost of Quality10.1Yes
Quality Improvement
Introduction to FMEAs30.3Yes
Lean /Lean Six SigmaIntroduction to Lean Six Sigma1.50.15YesYellow Belt
Problem-SolvingIntroduction to Mistake-Proofing20.2Yes
Lean /Lean Six SigmaLean for Business Processes60.6YesGreen Belt
Lean /Lean Six SigmaLean Implementation1.50.15 
Lean /Lean Six SigmaLean Manufacturing151.5 Green Belt
Lean /Lean Six SigmaLean for Job Shops70.7 
Lean /Lean Six SigmaLean Mindset1.50.15 
Lean /Lean Six SigmaLean Process Layouts2.50.25 
Lean /Lean Six SigmaLean Support Processes20.2Yes
Lean /Lean Six SigmaMapping Office Workflows20.2Yes
Statistical ToolsMeasurement System Analysis70.7 Core ToolsBlack Belt
Problem-SolvingMistake-Proofing Training80.8 Yellow Belt
Quality Improvement
Overview of APQP1.50.15 
Lean /Lean Six SigmaOverview of Lean1.50.15 
Problem-SolvingOverview of Root Cause Analysis20.2 
Quality Improvement
PPAP Training20.2 Core Tools
Statistical ToolsProcess Capability Basics10.1 
Quality Improvement
Process FMEA Basics50.5 
Problem-SolvingQuality Improvement Fundamentals20.2Yes
Lean /Lean Six SigmaRole of a Champion30.3YesBlack Belt
Problem-SolvingRoot Cause Analysis50.5YesBlack Belt
Lean /Lean Six SigmaSet-Up Reduction Basics1.50.15 
Lean /Lean Six SigmaTPM Basics1.50.15 
Statistical ToolsUnderstanding Variation20.2 
Lean /Lean Six SigmaValue Stream Mapping20.2 
Lean /Lean Six SigmaVisual Workplace Basics1.50.15Yes

*Also available in Spanish and Portuguese.

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